our Vision: The why of RMC

To pursue renewal and healing

for all the people and places of Birmingham

through Gospel ministry in word and deed.


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  1. To Pursue: Seek First the Kingdom

  2. Renewal and Healing

  3. People and Places

  4. Word and Deed

Our values: the Who of RMC


GOspel Centrality

The Gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ. It is what we believe and why we love, however much we struggle with both. Countless things could preoccupy a church’s attention. Where should we focus? To ask it another way, what is the main thing at Red Mountain Church? What are we willing to suffer for?

When the Apostle Paul wrote to a first century church, he said, “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” Paul wrote about a lot of things to a lot of different churches. But what was central was the good news about Jesus Christ.

The New Testament makes clear that Jesus Christ is how God comes to us and how we come to God. He isn’t merely a wise teacher or an example to follow. Rather, Christ is the key for unlocking the whole Bible. Christ is how we can know God. Christ is how what’s wrong with us can be made right. Christ is how we can change and become the people God designed us to be. Christ is how we learn to love and serve others. Christ is the savior for sinners. Christ is the one who makes all things new!

As a church, we want all we think, do and say to lead to Jesus Christ.


Gathered worship

What are we supposed to do with the good news about Jesus Christ? How should we respond? The answer is to worship God by glorifying Him in all we think, do and say. But what is worship? Worship is what we give our hearts, thoughts, time, and resources to. Worship is the activity of building our lives on whatever we believe - regardless of what we say - will give us life. Therefore worship is the continual battle for what the Bible calls “the heart.” According to the Bible, we are all worshippers and we are worshipping all the time.

Therefore, at RMC we meet for gathered worship every Sunday to hear again the good news about Jesus Christ and to immerse ourselves in God’s story of redemption. We meet for gathered worship every week because we can’t do the life of faith alone. We need a steady diet of God’s word and God’s people to experience what the Apostle Paul calls, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”


GOspel Community

From the earliest chapters of the Bible we learn human beings were made for relationship. We were made for relationship with God and with one another. But we also learn from the earliest chapters of the Bible that sin ruins our relationship with God and one another.

But the gospel creates a whole new community. A community of sinners saved by grace sharing their lives with one another. God’s people were never intended to live the life of faith alone but as a people on their way to their true home.

The church is made up of young and old, rich and poor, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The Apostle Paul visually described God’s people as a body with many parts. Each part is necessary for the health and flourishing of the body. The importance of community is crucial not only for the health of the body but also for loving and serving our city.


City Focus

The city includes the very best and worst of human endeavor. As a congregation located in the city of Birmingham, RMC longs to be a community of people in need of change helping people in need of change. With a long, painful history of racism, classism, injustice, and inequality, Birmingham is a place of great complexity and opportunity for mercy and justice. This kind of work is hard to talk about and hard to do. It will require lots of listening and learning, repenting and believing. Nevertheless, RMC is committed to pursuing the renewal and healing of all the people and places of Birmingham with patience and perseverance.

OUr Ministry Objectives: The How of RMC


Connecting people to God

Connecting people to one another

Connecting people to the city

Connecting people to the culture


Our ministry objectives - our goals - ensure we are pursuing our vision and values. They represent the four basic directions of the life of faith: living towards God, living towards people in the church, living towards people outside the church, living towards society and culture. Our ministry objectives evaluate our past and guide us into the future.

Are people’s lives changing through a relationship with God? Are we growing in gospel community? Are we loving and serving our neighbors and city? Are we learning to connect our work with God’s work? These are all questions our ministry objectives help us ask on the way to pursuing renewal and healing for all the people and places of Birmingham.