“Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs;
Join to sing the pleasing theme;
Saints on earth, and all in heaven
Join to praise Immanuel’s name”
-Jonathan Evans


From the beginning, Red Mountain Church has desired worship that was both ancient and authentic. Many of the hymn texts we sing are hundreds of years old and remind us of a faith that is bigger than ourselves, that has been passed down through the centuries. While our worship should be grounded in our heritage as people of God, it should also reflect who we are now and must speak to our time. To do this, we create new hymn tunes that suit our own musical language.

Yes, there is a steep learning curve to the music at RMC, but the richness of the texts and relevance of the music work together to reflect our own deep faith and real experience with Jesus Christ.
We strive to stir our minds, hearts and wills to commune with our God and Father through a heritage of beautiful poetry, demonstrating a robust theology, and set in our own musical language. 

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For questions about the music at Red Mountain Church, email Chief Musician, Jeff Koonce at jeff@redmountainchurch.org.