We appreciate the opportunity to care for your children as you participate in the worship service. Our goal is to offer a safe and happy environment during this time.

Red Mountain Church hopes to focus on two characteristics of God's Word: 
respect and responsibility.

First, because the Bible alone reveals how we are to be saved, there is a profound respect for the holiness of the Scriptures (Romans 15:4). We own the responsibility to obey and cherish the Scriptures. We hope to communicate this reverence to children and to see them come to cherish it for themselves (2 Timothy 3:14-15).

Secondly, we respect what the Scriptures teach us about God, each other, and how this relates to children. If we are all made in God's image, then there is a responsibility to treat children with respect and humility (Ephesians 6:4). We are called to teach them in ways that are God-centered and appropriate to their developmental abilities. Also, we believe that it calls adults to have the humility to learn from children. We hope to view, interact with, and guide children as contributing parts of our community. For more information about RMC Children's Ministry, contact Jessica Gemeinhart.

You can read the entire statement on what we believe with regard to children by downloading the PDF found here.



Children are dismissed during the service to meet their teachers at the back of the sanctuary by the beverage table. Our K-3rd graders engage a beautiful way of hearing Bible truths through stories told with wooden figurines. Children are then encouraged to process the stories through art work with the help of teachers. They will rejoin their families in time for communion. 

Beulah Land: Ages 3-4

Every week our 3-4 year olds learn Bible stories illustrated with felt visuals. Afterward they enjoy creating art, free play, and singing.


Godly Play: Grades K - 3rd Grade

(adapted curriculum from "Godly Play")

Ages 8 weeks - 3 years


We provide childcare for well babies and children ages 8 weeks to 36 months during our entire service. Parents may check children in at the door of their nursery rooms before the service begins. These children must be picked up from their rooms by their parents or siblings ages 13 or older.

Our nursery workers have ample child-care experience and will treat your children with kindness and respect. We want the nursery environment to be as clean and safe for your child as possible. In addition to professional nursery workers, our nursery staff is comprised of 6 - 8 volunteers from different community groups each week. This is one practical way that RMC members help to support our weekly worship.

*Volunteers should arrive fifteen minutes before the service begins and check-in with the coordinator at the infant nursery room. Please check the schedule, which can be found in the latest bulletin, to see when your community group is scheduled to volunteer.

*RMC has a well-child-only policy. If your child has exhibited any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours, we ask you not to bring him/her to the nursery or children's church: fever of 100˚F or above, diarrhea, vomiting, cold/flu-like symptoms, runny nose, throat or ear infection, red/watery eyes, any unexplained rash, or any other infectious diseases. We must remove your child from the nursery or children's church if he/she exhibits any of these symptoms.

Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct

When it comes to offering care for our children, our goal is to provide a safe environment. We take any harm toward children seriously and will not hesitate to report abuse as a crime. Every Sunday you will find a team of trained nursery employees and volunteers in each classroom. In addition, trained ministry team members teach our 3-9 year olds. All of these adults have completed background checks and agreed to our protection policy’s code of conduct. Click here to read our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct.